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Speaker Guide

We are excited to welcome you as a speaker for the OpenJS World 2021. The event is currently scheduled to take place virtually on Wednesday, June 2 during Pacific Time (UTC -7).


Schedule, Timing & Speaker Profiles

The schedule will be posted on our website using Breakout sessions are 30 minutes long and Q&A will be hosted separately on Slack.

If you need assistance making updates to your speaker profile on (biography, headshot, titles), send updates directly to

Event Platform

We will be using YouTube to host the event. Keynotes will premiere from the OpenJS Foundation Channel and breakout sessions will be published immediately after. This format will allow for an on-demand, “Netflix style” experience with a specific premiere time and flexibility for international audience viewing, as well as more discussion opportunities with speakers.

All sessions must be pre-recorded, and presenters will interact and answer Q&A via Slack channels (more information to follow). Videos will be due on May 19, and we will send specific instructions on where/how to upload.

Presentation Template

An optional PowerPoint template is available for your use but is not required. Slides will be due on Wednesday, May 19, and posted to for attendee reference. Please send a .pdf of your slides to

Technical Tips for Virtual Presentations


Lighting, Webcam and Microphone Best Practices

Best Practices for Lighting

 Best Practices for Webcams

Best Practices for Microphones

Dress Code

There is no dress code for presentations, and we encourage you to be comfortable. That said, you must be aware that The Linux Foundation Code of Conduct applies to this space, both in terms of what you show on camera and what you say. We ask that you be tasteful and considerate in choosing your clothing and surroundings. Keep in mind that we are a global community. Please refrain from wearing shirts with global brand logos that are not your own. Solid colors (not white) also work best instead of prints.

Tips to Keep your Virtual Audience Engaged


Inclusive Speaker Orientation Online Course

The Linux Foundation, in collaboration with the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT), has created an online course designed to teach the viewer about inclusion, diversity, and unconscious bias. We highly recommend all of our speakers watch the course to learn tips/tools to use when speaking to encourage inclusivity in presentations and messaging.

Code of Conduct

Please read and abide by our code of conduct, which can be found here. We ask that speakers especially review this code of conduct and are inclusive in the words and images used during their presentation.

Additional Resources

Contact Us

If you have any other platform, speaker, or schedule-related questions, please contact us at